If there’s one thing we know for sure as a leading workwear brand, it’s this: nobody does retail like BareBones WorkWear®. Investing in our apparel business for sale allows franchisees to break the industry mold while satisfying the unique demands of the blue-collar community. We’re not your typical apparel franchise system – we’re a team of experts who prioritize innovation, customer satisfaction and marketing prowess over age-old retail tricks. At BareBones WorkWear®, we pride ourselves on meeting customers’ needs with authenticity, transparency and a willingness to serve.

Thinking about opening a clothing store as an apparel franchise owner? Here are three ways that our apparel franchise concept leads the pack:

Our retail franchises utilize a “pre-discounted” pricing approach

BareBones WorkWear® apparel franchise owners offer legendary customer experiences, right down to the pricing structure. Our sales aren’t driven by constant markdowns and price trimming. Rather, we deliver value 365 days a year. Each of our apparel franchise locations employ straightforward, “pre-discounted” pricing. Customers can expect to find the gear and apparel they need at the same reasonable prices year round. Maintaining convenience and consistency is essential when opening a clothing store. BareBones WorkWear®’s cut-and-dry approach helps apparel franchise owners establish themselves as reliable retailers in their local markets.

Inventory at our apparel franchise locations never goes “out of style”

Style simply isn’t a factor when it comes to finding safe, well-fitting workwear. From protective eyewear, hard hats and steel-toed boots to cargo pants and thermal shirts, our customers need quality gear that protects them from the elements and rough conditions. Those who invest in BareBones WorkWear®’s apparel business for sale offer a diverse inventory that revolves around function, not fashion. Owner-operators stock their retail franchises with durable goods at an affordable cost, protecting their revenue from the ebb and flow of seasonal trends.

Deep customer connections make opening a clothing store with us worthwhile

You can’t provide a quality retail experience without positive customer interactions. BareBones WorkWear® retail franchise locations attract a loyal blue-collar customer base. As former electricians, steelworkers or servicemen themselves, our owner-operators are uniquely suited to cater to this clientele. They know exactly what to look for in quality work apparel and will go above and beyond to make authentic recommendations. No “B.S.” or frilly sales tactics here! Our owner-operators leverage genuine empathy to outfit customers with exactly what they need to get the job done.

Learn more about what differentiates BareBones WorkWear®’s apparel business for sale

BareBones WorkWear® is nothing like typical retail franchises. We work hard, we serve well and we keep our eyes on the real retail prize: satisfied customers.

Owner-operators invest in our apparel business for sale to learn the ins and outs of opening a clothing store in an honest and supportive environment. Featuring ongoing guidance & support, extensive training, proprietary technology and more, the BareBones WorkWear® apparel franchise opportunity positions franchisees to capture optimal market share in a consistent sector while fulfilling a vital need in their communities.

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