by Stuart Nelson, CFE, Founder and CEO
BareBones WorkWear®

As an emerging apparel franchise, we recognize the importance of welcoming the right franchisee into our network of brick & mortar retail stores. Selecting a good partner is our highest priority. Of course, we take financial qualifications and all required documents into serious consideration. But in the end, it’s the heroic measurements of a candidate that influences our decision to award a clothing store franchise. With all the gloom and doom about the current retail environment, it takes a very brave person to see a challenge and call it an opportunity. Veterans do it with ease.

As an active member of VetFran, here’s why I think veterans are attracted to BareBones WorkWear® and why we eagerly welcome vets into our growing clothing store franchise network.

Veterans skillfully leverage systems that make opening a clothing store possible

Like professional athletes, veterans are comfortable and confident following a playbook. Daily drills and workouts reinforce their strategies as second nature. What play does a quarterback turn to on 3rd down with four yards to go? What equipment does a marine carry onto the battlefield when a firefight begins? It’s all there in the playbook.

As our newest veteran franchisee, Brett Parent, says, “I love working for myself, but wouldn’t do it without the support, the systems and the training the owners have provided.”

That training and support makes up our “playbook.” This component of the BareBones WorkWear® apparel franchise program are invaluable for those who have learned to rely on established systems and methods.

Veterans who honor rank, follow commands and value teamwork have a set of distinct qualities and traits that make them well suited for franchising. Military plans and strategies may come from the Pentagon, but veterans are responsible for efficiently implementing them anywhere in the world they are posted.

“Success here is a two-way street,” Parent added. “Franchising means you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The BareBones WorkWear® franchise support team doesn’t want to see me fail, and they do everything they can to keep me going in the right direction.”

BareBones WorkWear® teaches veterans how to start a clothing business that honors blue-collar workers

When an electrician or iron worker enters Brett’s store in Elk Grove, CA, he will be greeted by a fellow construction worker and veteran who knows exactly what that worker needs. The customer will be certain that Brett has been in his shoes.

“The BareBones concept is fresh and unique and keeps me connected to the down-to-earth men and women I know so well,” Brett continued. Brett and his family have two more units scheduled to open soon. “This blue-collar niche is ours to own. The founders had a vision and have very carefully laid it out to give me and other veterans a chance to be part of something special, something different.”

That difference is a valued insight into the needs and concerns of blue-collar workers. Lots of our customers faced combat themselves during their military service to our country. Now, they face a different kind of challenge as steelworkers, linemen, oil workers and more. Our hardworking customers prefer brick & mortar over e-commerce because they get a very special kind of attention from our franchisees and employees. We are fully engaged with them.

Veterans deliver quality retail experiences as apparel franchise owners

Brett understands the risks and challenges that an electrician faces while climbing a power pole in a storm to repair downed lines. He will inspire confidence in a sheet metal worker looking for affordable, durable work gloves and comfortable eye protection because his own experience in the construction industry gives him a “been there, done that” ease with customers. This level of empathy positions Brett and franchisees like him to recognize and respect blue-collar workers’ unique work needs. As a result, they’re able to offer personalized customer experiences that deliver in terms of quality and convenience.

Our apparel franchise needs heroes like you

Veterans and other heroes are well suited to become the kind of clothing store franchise owners who uphold our greater vision. Their unique traits, training and passion for serving others give them an edge at BareBones WorkWear®. Their qualifications also assure us that they are likely to measure up to those three factors that matter most to us – a commitment to customer service, respect for blue-collar workers and an aversion to the ordinary “BS” that has weakened other retail operations.

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