The BareBones WorkWear® Secret Sauce

We strongly believe that what makes BareBones WorkWear® remarkable — in the perceptions of our customers — stems from our culture, mission, core values and the way we differ from other businesses.

Most companies call this branding – we like to call it our Secret Sauce.

It’s More Risky to be Safe than to be Remarkable

Marketing guru Seth Godin, in his book The Purple Cow, talks about making a difference in business by creating remarkable ideas.

At BareBones we have adopted this concept by trying to:

  1. Advertise so that people pay attention to us.
  2. Be edgy and innovative.
  3. Be different and noticed.
  4. Make it easy for customers to “spread the word.”
  5. Sell what people are buying.

So… How do we create our version of The Purple Cow?

It’s all in our Secret Sauce.

The Sauce Recipe — with Cross-Over Difference Ingredients!

  1. Take these stores: (Western Big Buckle Stores, Army/Navy Stores, Outdoor Sports Stores, Uniform Shops, Scrub Places, Boot Stores, Casual Wear, Safety Equipment Dealers, and Embroidery/Imprint Shops.)
  2. Swish them around in a big marketing bowl.
  3. Remove the crud floating on top.
  4. Nuke ‘em in a microwave for the past 50 years – on low.
  5. Add a good heaping spoonful of personality and a ½ cup of red hots. And…

BBWW-Secret-Sauce4Voilà! – Our Secret Sauce.

It’s the Best — of All the Rest!

  • Customer Lifecycle
    We address the customer’s needs as our own needs.
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
    Seamless Customer Experiences with BareBone’s touch points across all sales channels.
  • The BareBone’s Hierarchy of Legendary Service Value
  • Pre-Discounted Pricing
    Stop manipulating people with BS price tactics.