From oil industry workers to plumbers to electricians and beyond, blue-collar professions keep America running. The involved nature of their work often necessitates apparel that is comfortable, durable and of the highest quality. More than anything, today’s blue-collar workers need trustworthy and affordable sources for their workwear needs. That’s why a retail clothing franchise opportunity like BareBones WorkWear® is an ideal investment.

How does a workwear franchise differ from other retail clothing franchise concepts?

Workwear is defined as heavy-duty clothing for physical or manual work. Working men and women need clothing and gear that will keep them warm, dry and protected – whether they are exposed to the elements, hazardous chemicals or heavy machinery. You’d be surprised to learn who buys BareBones WorkWear® products. Bricklayers, miners, painters, roofers, nurses…the list is endless. All of these professionals require great-fitting and functional gear at an affordable price. Function trumps fashion as blue-collar workers seek gear made out of quality materials to help them get the job done.

Our clothing store franchise occupies a unique market niche

At BareBones WorkWear®, we pride ourselves on our non-pretentious approach to retail. We understand our market in and out, and we’ve designed every aspect of our operations to meet the demand. Our retail clothing franchise operation isn’t powered by markdowns or fads. There’s no such thing as a “slow season” for us. Rather, we stock items that blue-collar customers need to do their jobs well. As a result, our owner-operators tend to enjoy consistent, recurring customer activity.

Millennials will become the newest workwear franchise customers

Recent news reports are pointing to a growing need for semi-skilled workers throughout the U.S., creating a large opportunity for young people. At the same time, we’re seeing scores of Millennials bypass white-collar jobs for blue-collar work. Many are choosing to forgo the typical “college to cubicle” path to pursue a trade. This is great news for those considering a clothing store franchise opportunity that caters to the blue-collar crowd. As this demographic of working professionals grows, a retail clothing franchise that is tailor-made to meet its apparel needs should enjoy a stable market.

Start a blue-collar retail clothing franchise with BareBones WorkWear®

Since 2004, our apparel business for sale has served the blue-collar community by offering quality workwear in a “no-frills” retail environment, leading us to enjoy double-digit growth year over year. We’re pleased to help motivated individuals replicate our growth through our comprehensive franchise program.

Are you interested in an apparel business for sale? Do you think you have what it takes to wear the pants in your local market as a BareBones WorkWear® franchisee? Discover why our clothing store franchise concept is built to last. Speak with one of our retail clothing franchise representatives to get started today!