BareBones WorkWear® Shares Strategy of Measured Growth for Strong Franchisee Confidence

AUGUST 21, 2017 – SACRAMENTO, CA — In an interview with Zoracle’s “SpotOn!” BareBones Work- Wear® shared it’s strategy “to go slow to grow fast.”

“One of the reasons we decided to interview [BareBones WorkWear®],” explained Chris Morrison, Marketing Manager for Zoracle. “We try to do franchisors that are doing something a little different.” Morrison contrasted BareBones’ unique niche to just another pizzeria, yogurt or burger franchise, which are just “a different name with the same concept.”

BareBones is not affiliated with Zoracle. Nelson told Morrison that the franchisor is strategically putting a solid infrastructure ahead of rapid growth to stay one step ahead of potential problems.

At the moment, Nelson explained, “We are a rowboat navigating upstream preparing to become a freighter.” Nelson elaborated on his intention to test and fine-tune all their accounting, website, development processes, sales and ERP systems before launching their awaiting rapid growth plan.

“Imagine a large freighter trying to change directions when a miscalculation is discovered,” Nelson explained. “Hard to turn it around to go in a different direction.”

“It’s hard to keep up with technology and make changes when you’re larger,” Nelson told Morrison. “So if we can stay one step ahead and create infrastructure, we’ll be doing very well in the years to come when we have accelerated growth.”

“We are committed to doing thorough prep so our existing and future franchisees can be confident that a BareBones franchise is a strong and well-tested investment,” Nelson added after the interview. “We seek dynamic and integrated systems, for long-term sustainability not merely short-term gains.”

“Because of our strong commitment to infrastructure,” added Nelson, “every decision we make has to be to the benefit of our customers and our franchisees – current and future.”

BareBones WorkWear® is the national provider of useful apparel, footwear, and accessories for work, life and outdoor. The business was named to Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for 2015. Like the original corporate stores, the workwear franchise features a wide array of quality brand name apparel, footwear, safety gear, and accessories. Retail franchise opportunities can be found at